staff uniforms

Choosing an outstanding staff uniform may be the only thing missing in your business set-up, as staff uniforms can make a huge impact on how your business is perceived and recommended by your target audience.

If you didn’t know, word of mouth is also an excellent method of unpaid promotion. This is why, whether you own a small restaurant, run a national chain of businesses, or dry cleaning service, fitting your staff into top quality employee uniforms provides you an edge in your chosen industry, and sets a professional atmosphere for both your employees and customers.

Staff uniforms don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Due to our expertise, we know that while staff uniforms are paramount to some nature of businesses, most small-scale businesses prefer a casual look. Simply sophisticated styles like T-shirts and aprons would still provide the benefits a fully uniformed staff environment brings.

Why Should Staff Wear Uniforms?

1. The first reason most businesses insist on staff uniforms is for the benefit of a unified image. Staff uniforms provide your brand with the opportunity to communicate whatever image they want to be perceived as. Professional or casual, the style, design, and even colour, of a staff uniform has the potential to attract or discourage customers from doing business with you.

2. Staff Uniforms are a subtle means of promoting a brand, and over time, people begin to recognize the staff of a company, thereby creating more awareness to reach prospective  customers, and remain in the hearts of existing ones. Blue or black, people already know what to expect when they go through the front door of a physical business. Sometimes, it’s the one thing that prompts them to patronize.

3. Staff Uniforms also serve as functional securities for employees, as different jobs come with different mishaps and disasters easily prevented with a protective layer of clothing. Companies operating in hazardous environments make sure to protect workers from accidents by providing staff uniforms able to handle the pressure of say, fire, or chemicals.

4. The enforcement of staff uniforms helps with the problem of indecent dressing of employees.  Staff members would also be relieved the burden of wardrobe expenses. Another plus, staff members are conscious of their actions when on uniforms as they are easily identified.

5. Surely not least, but staff uniforms help to maintain security, especially in high-profile businesses easily targeted by criminals. Without a uniform, an intruder stands out like a sore thumb.

Now that you know staff uniforms aren’t a totally bad idea, here are some tips to choosing an outstanding staff uniform:

1. Colours speak.

That’s right. White probably isn’t the appropriate colour for your staff uniform if you run a catering service. Choose a versatile colour like green, so you can style and pair it up with neutral colours  in fun ways. The green colour communicates confidence in your abilities and growth. People are very much into details and everything speaks, particularly if you’re a newbie in your field. Make sure to leave no Ts uncrossed.

2. Style is the difference

The difference you could make between you and your competitor is in your style. Depending on your type of business, be flexible. For example, if work in your business requires constant motion and heavy lifting, make sure to choose a staff uniform style that allows for free movement, while still looking smart. Nothing too tight, nothing too loose.

3. Choose the perfect fabric for your desired staff uniform style

If your business requires your staff to be out in the field, make sure to provide them with breathable fabrics that can withstand unstable temperatures. Especially in Nigeria, when one moment it rains and the next, the heat is unbearable. Employees work better in favourable work conditions and environments.

Convinced? Trust us, with all of these tips, you could never go wrong with choosing an outstanding staff uniform for your business.

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