polyester fabric

Learn a few tips on how to care for polyester fabrics.

To emphasize how infamous polyester fabric is, not many people know their favourite lightweight and wrinkle resistant pieces of clothing are most likely made from polyester.

What is Polyester?

polyester fabric

Polyester is a fabric derived from the reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohol that form particles called esters. These esters then link in chain-like fashion to become polymers.

Polyester fabrics are strong and hydrophobic in nature, this means you don’t get soaked when you get caught up in the rain. Being synthetic, they’re also durable and wrinkle resistant. Here’s a win if you can’t stand ironing.

Another variety of polyester is polycotton (a polyester and cotton blend), which combines the qualities of both fabrics to create a more skin-friendly and breathable choice of fabric, and although they are naturally designed for warmth (now you have an alternative to wool), they’re also heat-sensitive. Make sure not to wear them when it’s hot.

How to Wash Polyester fabrics

1. If you find laundry tiring, this will delight you. You can soak or wash polyester fabrics in warm water. And if you’re machine washing, even better. Just throw in with an all-purpose detergent and bleach, when necessary.

2. To keep them strong and lasting, try not to wash them too often, so colours can last longer. Polyester fabrics tend to fade with age.

3. Wash immediately after last use to keep tough stains from locking in. They dry quickly, so you can wash and wear (wink!)

How to Care for Polyester Fabrics

In case you’re wondering what else after washing and folding your clothes, fabric care does involve more. To get the best out of your clothes made from polyester, here are a few tips:

1. Because they are polar fibers that don’t dissolve in liquid, they can withstand long stays in water, but they don’t do well in hot temperatures. Try not to press iron them often. If you must, iron on low heat.

2. Although colourfast, polyester fabrics can fade colour with age and wear. So, to add a few more years to their lifespan, try not to keep them out in the sun too long. Read our article on the effect of sunlight on your clothing.

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