Summer holiday is over, kids are back in school for a new school year, and as you can guess, moms are up and about looking for suitable fabrics for school uniforms as new school uniforms are in high demand, especially for pupils graduating to new classes.

It is always advisable to make school uniforms in a set of threes. This way, wear, and tear are reduced, and they last longer.

See below our choices of suitable fabrics for school uniforms.

1. Cotton

In case you had no idea, cotton is the basic fiber of 90% of the clothes you own. You either wear clothes made from pure cotton, a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers, or the occasional pieces of clothing made from only synthetic fibers.

For school uniforms, cotton is the most ideal. It is natural and breathable, making it a suitable uniform fabric for the sensitive skin of toddlers and young adults.

2. Cotton + Synthetic Fibres

Second in our choices of suitable fabrics for school uniforms are fabrics made from a mix of cotton and synthetic fibers, like polycotton.

You would normally know the make-up of fabric by weighing its density and its texture to touch, but sellers would generally have a knowledge of what kind of fabric they sell, so make sure to ask.

Fabrics made from polycotton, for example, maintain an equal balance of strength and flexibility, equally breathable for sensitive skin. They can also withstand wash and wear, making them suitable fabrics for school uniforms.

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3. Polyester

The first choice of synthetic fabrics for school uniforms is usually polyester. Fabrics made from polyester are strong and hydrophobic in nature, this means kids don’t get soaked when caught up in the rain, and they dry up quickly after washing.

Being synthetic, they are also durable and wrinkle resistant. Here’s a win with less ironing duties for mothers.

4. Wool

Most schools also provide uniform jackets, coats, and sweaters for pupils and students, in order to maintain a uniform appearance even when the weather is cold. For these, wool is a suitable choice of fabric.

Wool is thick but soft to touch, making it appealing to even sensitive skin. It is also highly insulating, serving its purpose.

5. Garbadine

An alternative to wool and a suitable fabric for school uniforms is garbadine.

Although made of wool, garbadine possesses a hard and clear finish with visible weave structure, making is strong and durable for the wear accustomed to school uniforms.

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