Suits are a long time custom or tradition of the men’s clothing. They are the ideal and classic formal wear for the modern man and often times the most expensive in a man’s wardrobe. They are men’s most choice attire, the one every man is most likely going to wear to every occasion, from social to professional. Suits are the sure attire a man will go for when he wants to look his best and undoubtedly it makes them look dapper and suave. Call it their ever-present help in time of need and you won’t be wrong. In this article, we will bring you some interesting facts about suits that are sure to wow you. Read on.

Interesting facts about suits

Fact #1 The buttonhole on the lapel:

Yeah, it’s not a mistake, that buttonhole on both sides of the lapel was put there for a reason and it’s to hold down the lapel in place when the wind blows. It was made to connect with a button on the other side.

Fact #2 The Louis XIV myth:

This is one fact about suits that you should know, wanna know? Ok, have you ever seen a man with the last button of his suit jacket undone? That too isn’t a mistake, it’s more like a fashion trend right now. So, there’s this story about king Louis the XIV who realized he was fat one day when he was dressing up. The last button on his favourite jacket refused to close because of his bulging tummy but he left it that way and today, it is now a fashion trend. So, now you know!

Fact #3 The buttons on the sleeve:

It is neither for fancy or a mistake. It was originally intended for war surgeons on the battlefield so that they can easily roll up their sleeves and get to work. Today, it is a sign of a high-quality bespoke suit.

Fact #4 The invention of the suit:

Well, suits did not just drop from heaven, it was invented by a certain Beau Brummel. Brummel, a graduate of an English college, hated the court frocks and dresses men wore in his days and decided to give them a more posh look. Of course, the Victorian Era is responsible for the birth of the suit.

Fact #5 The length of the sleeve:

Not everyone could afford to buy a suit back in the days because a suit is expensive. So in order to prevent the suit cuff from fraying and having to replace it soon, the shirt cuff was left longer than the suit. Read more here It was easier to replace a shirt than a suit.

The big shot merchants in ancient Persia wore suits to show their wealth and affluence, just like the executives of today. We all know that fashion has come a long way and suit has been there through it all, so if you want to know more about suits, read HERE

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