Nothing tells of some celebration like a Lace fabric in Nigeria, and with different types to suit your fancy, we can agree it is one of the most versatile fabrics you can get in any Nigerian market. The uniqueness of any Lace fabric comes in varieties that are often determined by their make and origin. These varieties are also inclusive of different costs as some are more expensive than others, mostly those handmade or imported, like French embroidered laces.

During festive seasons and on most special occasions like weddings, Nigerians do not pass up on the opportunity to shop for lace fabrics, as they are more occasion−worthy and the expensive ones especially, speak class. When a particular design is worn by a group of people, or ‘Ankoo’ as it is popularly referred to, we know there’s a turn up!

Let’s now take a cursory look at varieties of this fabric, as well as some laundry tips to help care for it.

Beaded Lace

beaded lace for wedding dress
Beaded Lace

This is a popular Lace fabric in Nigeria right now with more expensive ones infused with fake paper flowers. It is done on a mesh or net background, with some made stretchy to lessen sewing restrictions. The raised motifs (patterned thread work) are embellished with beads, as its name suggests.

This has become the go-to lace fabric for wedding dresses.

French Embroidered Lace

Originating from France and also called Alencon lace, French lace fabrics are embroidered silk threads in cord−like fashion, done on a net background. The heavily raised patterns are afterwards embellished with beads and sometimes, sequins. These Lace fabrics are expensive and have imitations that look quite alike, but one way to distinguish them is to look out for their width. Original French lace fabrics are shorter in width and exquisite looking.

It is a favourite Lace fabric for bridal dresses, mostly wedding gowns and veils.

French Embroidered Lace
French embroidered Lace

Sequined Lace

The sequined lace fabric is done variably either on an embroidered raised motifs or on a net or ground mesh. Sequins are tacked on to give the finished fabric a shimmering or shiny appearance.

Sequined Lace
Sequined Lace

Venetian Lace

Also referred to as Guipure lace (lace without ground mesh), this lace fabrics are heavily raised patterns embroidered without a net or mesh background. They are done on a piece of cloth that breaks part as the embroidery widens, leaving the motifs to stand alone. Mostly done in a floral design connected by silk threads, handmade guipure lace fabrics have a fine look and are very expensive.

Tulle Lace

This variety is the plain Tulle net fabric processed into lace with the infusion of sequins. Another variety is the synthetic nylon tulle fabric becoming a favourite Lace fabric in Nigeria, with its affordability and intricate designs and patterns. They are especially used in bridal veils.

Lace fabrics need delicate washing if you want to make them last longer. Try out laundry detergent for delicates when you’re hand-washing and NEVER, ever, wash in hot or warm water, they are called delicates for a reason! Because they are mostly loosely-woven, threads and embellishments especially weaken when frequently suspended in harsh water conditions and begin to pull and break on the fabric.

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