These days, you will see a man dressed in his poorly fitting suit and you will wonder if it is by force or a must! One turn off in men is an ill-fitting suit and you don’t want to be caught in that web so you’d want to don a well-tailored suit that fits perfectly. But how can you tell that buying that bespoke suit off the rack will fit? Is it merely because it has bespoke oozing out of it? There are a few ways and you will get to know them right here.

How to tell if a well-tailored suit will fit

Finding your perfect fit will be as simple as ABC when you know and apply these factors below.

The shoulder

To know if a well-tailored suit fits you perfectly, the shoulder should lie flat on your shoulder when won, i.e. it should not be squeezed or rumpled when you wear it. The seam on top of the suit must be the same length with your shoulder bone right under it and it should meet the sleeve of the suit where your upper arm starts. Shoulders are a bit hard to adjust so make sure you check the fitting before buying.

The suit fastener/closure

As part of the trying-on process when buying a suit, ensure that the button or fastener in front closes properly over your body. Close just one button of a single-breasted suit, (also close the first set of buttons for a double-breasted suit), even if the suit has three buttons. You are checking to see if the two sides meet neatly to the lapel without any folds. If it’s hanging forward off your body then it’s too loose and if the lower edges don’t lie on your thigh and are flaring out like a skirt, then it’s too tight.

The sleeve length

The sleeve length of a well-tailored suit should be half an inch above the shirt worn under. This means that the sleeve length of the shirt should be longer than the suit so that half an inch of the cuff will be visible under the suit. If it is more than half an inch, then the suit is too small and if it covers the shirt, then it’s too big. Read more on what to look out for in a well-tailored suit.

The suit length

This factor is more important than most people think and frankly, not much time or talk can be given to it. Ideally, the length of the suit should go past your waistline and fall over the curve of your buttocks. The hem of the suit also should be around the middle of your hand, just after where the palm meets the fingers. This means that you have to be standing upright, with your arms relaxed by your side when trying-on a suit.

Going into 2020, you’d want to keep your suit game tight by wearing a well-tailored suit, so you’d feel confident and Ace that business meetings or presentations. Baggy suits are not an option!

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