Have you ever walked into a room feeling insecure? Or experienced that unrest in your belly when you feel the scrutinizing eyes of people on you? Perhaps it was a new day at work or school, or a business pitch or meeting, or even a random walk-in experience. This feeling often takes a toll on your confidence level. 

While it’s almost impossible to prevent the stares when you newly walk into a room, you can certainly make them worthwhile and boost your confidence instead, by looking good. 

You must have heard the phrase “looking good is good business”. Unlike other idioms, this one is easy to decode. Looking good is an assured recipe for confidence boost, as the knowledge that you look your best would overpower whatever doubt might creep in.

Here are tested and guaranteed tips to help you look your best: 

–  Clean clothes:

This should be top priority when you intend to look your best. Your clothes should be evidently clean, at least at the start of the day. 

–  Well-ironed clothes:

Ironing makes your clothes look even better. It makes you appear sharp and put together. Your appearance conveys a message, and your clothes, either ironed or rumpled, give away the efforts you make towards looking good. 

–   Dress according to your body type

: Every body type is unique with its distinctive features, and wearing clothes that compliment your body type further enhances your look. To achieve this, you should know your body type, identify looks that flatter your body and let those guide your outfit choices. 

–    Good sleep:

Getting adequate rest enhances your glow, as quality sleep/rest reduces eye bags and dark eye circles, uplifting your facial look. Work hard, but also rest well as this makes for a well-rounded and healthy life. Based on research, clean beddings improve the quality of your sleep. It is not enough to sleep on a well-laid bed but to also ensure that the beddings are well-laundered. To upgrade your sleep experience, PJK is available to launder your bedclothes and get them ready for use. With PJK, you do not have to question the cleanliness of your bed linens as we ensure they meet your sleep needs. 

–    Overall look:

This entails your look from head to toe. Your clothes can be on point, your face spotting a glow but parts of you still look unappealing. This could be due to your hair, nails or even footwear. To look your best, you need to take into consideration every aspect of your appearance. Trim your nails or get a manicure, wear a neat hairstyle, clean your footwear and pay attention to outfit details. Always make a positive impression with your overall look.

Looking your best boosts your confidence and enriches

your approach to a class, meeting or pitch. When you

know you look good, you’re more enthusiastic to

contribute and show yourself, and this has a good

impact on your dealings. 

We understand that it may be difficult to wash and iron

your clothes when necessary, amidst work and the little

rest time you get on weekends, which is why PJK is

available to help.

At an affordable rate, PJK is available to pick up your

dirty clothes and return well-laundered clothes to your

doorstep, helping you start off the basic steps to looking


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