Do you know the cheat to looking like you value your job on a Monday morning in the event of power failure over the weekend? Fold a shirt neatly under your pillow before sleeping! Nigerian style. But to be fair to those of us who aren’t born organizers, folding a shirt can be annoying, mainly when you want to cut creases (we call it alligator pattern around here).

Imagine then that after your less than savoury sleep and waking up with a stiff neck, your carefully folded shirt manages to come out looking rumpled. Heartbreak.

If you are in this category, pay attention. This post will teach you how to fold a shirt like a pro. So even when you do or do not have access to electricity, you can rest easy knowing your shirt will come out looking dapper.

how to fold your clothes like a pro

You will need:

  • Carton paper or a large thick cardboard
  • Duct tape (cellotape)
  • Scissors( or any sharp object for cutting)
  • Pencil (optional)

STEP 1: Cut up some carton paper into six large sheets.

STEP 2: Put a folded shirt on top of one of them and trace the outline.

STEP 3: Cut the cardboard in the same dimensions as the shirt. Do this for all six panels.

STEP 4: Lay them out unto two−by−three grids spaced out about a quarter inch from each other and apply duct tape to each of the edges of the top row. Do this to the front and back side.

STEP 5: To use your shirt−folding board, just place your shirt face down on the centre of the board. Flip up one side of the board, then the other, and then flip up the bottom side panel. You get a perfectly folded shirt in a fraction of the time! 

Now you know how to fold a shirt like a pro!

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