The hospitality industry is one of the widest and most diverse industries with several establishments under it. This includes but not limited to hotels, airBnB, restaurants etc. As a fiercely competitive industry with a defined rating system for its establishments, there is an existing stratum of quality.

The knowledge that several other businesses are rated similarly to yours, begs the need to figure out ways to make your business stand out. 

Firstly, the understanding that customers of this industry want a unique experience at every aspect of their consumer journey; from walking into the business location till they leave, should guide the decisions taken regarding the services offered by any establishment. Although what connotes a unique experience constantly evolves, there are still certain requirements that will remain constant when intending to stand out in the hospitality industry. They include:

–     Quality control

You have to ensure a high degree of excellence in every aspect of the product and service offered. Hospitality organizations are associated with dreamy experiences so everything must be excellent; from the food, linens, to the products etc.

To stand out in the minds of customers, the services offered has to be better than their usual.

–       Unique offerings

With organizations providing similar services, it is only right to offer a service that is unique to your establishment. This gives people a reason to choose your establishment continuously. It mustn’t be a major service, just something extra to make your customers excited about. 

It could be as simple as recreational activities within the organization’s premise or an add on service to their booking. Imagine getting a free spa treatment by lodging in certain groups of rooms or pushing customers to book rooms in that group just to enjoy that free service. The unique offering is targeted at making customers feel special; providing customers with something to remember your organization for and give potential customers something to look forward to enjoying. 

–       Distinctive personality 

Just as humans have varying personalities, some more memorable than others. This is the same way places with distinctive personalities are more memorable than others. The goal is to stand out and to effectively do that, your organization has to be easily differentiated from others. Your establishment is a brand, give it a personality that matches its identity. A Caribbean themed hotel would be easier to remember than a basic hotel. 

–       Great customer service

Major emphasis on this point as your organization can stand out, but for negative reasons due to bad customer service. Customer service is the boon of the hospitality industry and an essential part of consumer experience so, it is important to ensure it is worthwhile. Ensure customers are adequately attended to, their questions answered, and the needed assistance rendered. This would help seal whatever opinion a customer has of your organization and subsequently, share with others. When you positively stand out to a customer, it would reflect in the way they share opinions of your organization. Word of mouth is easily a strong form of influence. 

Be intentional about the services and products available to the patrons, and let the overall service of the establishment be of laudable standards. 

Linens are a key part of the hospitality industry, from bedroom linens to table linens etc. To stand out, linens should not just be of great quality but should be very neat too. PJK offers industrial laundry services for bulk laundry needs. We are available to pick up, deliver and ensure that linens are well-laundered to customers’ satisfaction. 

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