How often do you wash your suit?

We all know the answer to that question! Seldom. Try never. In fact, you’d be surprised most people don’t know you if you have to wash them. And really, do you?

You might want to view dry cleaning your suit as a last resort because there are easy ways to clean your suit.

Suit separates are very easy to pair with almost any outfit. By so doing, they require a lot of care and attention if you want them to last long. And, these beauties aren’t cheap.

If you want to know, keep reading for 3 easy ways to clean your suit.

3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Suit

First things first, it is okay to wear your suit too many times without washing, as long as they don’t smell ripe. However, when they do, start with brushing.

1. Brushing

This is a personal favourite, especially with jeans. Because suit fabric is susceptible to minuscule dirt that become very annoying scattering lint everywhere, it still isn’t enough reason to throw it in the wash.

To get rid of dirt on your suit by brushing it out, you may want to get a suit brush. The bristles are specially made for the delicate fabric. You can also make do with a shoe brush, but it won’t absolutely do the trick.

• The first step is to hang up the garment or lay it flat out, whichever works best for your spine.

• Brush from top to bottom.

An advantage of this one is that it keeps the shine on your suit and still removes dirt.

2. Wet-Clean

This one is a close kin of wash-and-wear and we’ve all done it to our jeans. You don’t have to throw the whole garment into the washing machine because you got a stain on it. All you have to do is:

• Add a dash of detergent to a bowl of water.

• Dip in a clean towel or piece of cloth to absorb the soap water.

• Depending on how tough the stain is, dab or scrub the affected area with your make-shift sponge till it clears.

• Rinse out the cloth with clean water and take another dab or scrub to remove all traces of soap.

• Air out to dry.

See how easy this is?

3. Steam

Investing in a garment steamer may not be top on your list, but it is a good bargain if you require the services of your suit pair more than often. You can get portable garment steamers at affordable prices on Jumia.

To steam your suit,

• Hang them up in an open space first to release trapped air.

• Gradually pass the steamer throughout the garment till all wrinkles soften and it takes on a damp feel.

• Air out to dry.

Wooden hangers are most suitable for this mission as plastic hangers stretch your fabric, and iron ones leave rust stains.

After steaming, use a lint roller if you wish to leave your suit spotless.

We know if only you knew these secrets before now! But that’s okay, making life easier for you is what we love to do. You now know 3 easy ways to clean your suit!

If you still can’t be bothered, we have the perfect laundry services to meet all your needs. Drop us an email at and let us take it from there.

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