Maintaining appliances is easy to forget. You just use them and go, hoping they last forever. Shocker? These things do need to be maintained, more so the lifesaving washing machine. Here are a few helpful tips on how to maintain your washing machine.

1. Wash the washing machine

It really isn’t as odd as it sounds. Cleaning your washing machine with water and a cup of white vinegar prevents the buildup of mold and alkali from all the detergent you feed it. If you own a basic washing machine like Scanfrost and Hisense, simply pour in the solution and run a normal full cycle. Drain after. Vinegar also works to dispel odour that come from stale water and dirt.

2. Drain after every wash

There are days when you just forget you have unfinished business in the washer, perhaps as a result of power failure. Most washing machines come with a drain feature, however, if yours doesn’t, detach the hose from the washing machine and place a bucket or pan underneath to collect the water. Replace the hose when you’re done.

Draining after every use prevents machine suspension and motor from wearing too soon. Remember, it might look like a reservoir, but it isn’t.

3. Don’t overload

Your Washing machine can only take so much as dirty clothes need to move freely in the drum to enable even cleaning. Load dirty clothes in batches to get the best results.

4. Clean the lint filter

Lint filters vary in washing machines. It can be a little bag by the side of the drum, a plastic beneath the hose, or a detachable screen. If any, cleaning the lint filter of dirt collected over a washing spree prevents the collected dirt from sticking to other laundry you load into the washer. Brush non-detachable filters with a soft brush, and soak or wash detachable ones in warm water till all dirt clears.

5. Wash heavy fabrics one at a time

Again, your washing machine can only take so much. Ensure to load heavy fabrics one at a time to enable even cleaning and ensure the smooth running of your washer. Overworking your washing machine only wastes time, detergent, and water.

These are the 5 helpful tips we thought to share with you on how to maintain your washing machine. Don’t forget to share this post with friends!

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