Of course, you don’t mean to ruin your clothes during laundry, it just happens! But you do know it’s because of something you’re doing or not doing. Still not sure? Here are 5 ways you’re ruining your clothes during laundry.

1. Not turning clothes inside out before washing

From our sea of experience as laundry experts, we know that washing clothes on the right side slowly fades them of colour. Over time, they appear washed out even when you think you’re giving them the best care possible, especially if you hand-wash. This is due to the acidity of cleaning agents.

So, when next you launder, turn clothes inside out before throwing them in the washer. This way, you save them a few more years.

2. Using too much fabric softener

We get it, jeans and towels are usually hard to clean due to their coarse texture. And we surely don’t blame you for tipping just a little more than necessary fabric softener into the lather. However, what you don’t know is, fabric softeners are made of aggressive chemicals that break down clothing fibers. You just might be getting a little more softness than you bargained for!

If you have to use a fabric softener, use sparingly and seldom. Tough fabrics may pose a challenge during laundry when they’re new, but they do soften over time with wash and wear.

3. Not following fabric guidelines

Those little tags sewn to the side of your clothes are there for a reason! Clothing tags especially, contain useful information about the best care you can give to your clothes. From fabric texture to washing instructions, your clothing almost always comes with its own instructional mmm.

Ensure to always read the instructions on your clothing tags, in order to know how best to care for them, to make them last long.

4. Soaking clothes in hot water

They are whites, and dirty, and dry, and you have no idea how to restore whiteness without some drastic measures, of course you can soak in hot water! But don’t get used to it. Hot water is especially harsh on synthetic fibers, slowly reducing shine, elasticity, and strength.

Substitute hot water for lukewarm or even cold water, and increase soaking time before washing. Remember, the ultimate laundry tip for stains is to wash them out immediately.

5. You overload your washer

It looks like it can take 50 pieces of clothing, but trust us when we say, less is more. Overloading your washing machine with dirty clothes damages your clothes over time as stains are not properly washed out.

Try loading your washing machine in minimal batches. Sort them out in like colours, and wash according to instructions.

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