Uniforms are a means of identification and they represent an important aspect of your life, be it school or job. The maintenance of the uniform is as important as the uniform itself, to avoid constant repurchases.  

To effectively maintain the quality of your uniform, here are seven helpful tips for you:

  1. Find out the wash care instructions: 

Knowing the type of material your uniform is made of would guide your cleaning process. The material information and wash care instructions are usually indicated on its label. If it isn’t provided, look it up. Do not just read up the wash instructions but make sure to follow through as well.

  1. Use good cleaning products: 

While you have good intentions regarding maintenance, your choice of cleaning products can render your efforts counterproductive. With maintenance, the products used are as important as the process. Not every cleaning agent is good for your uniform and particularly the material it is made from. While looking up the right cleaning process for your uniform material, you should also check out the cleaning agents to use and those to avoid. 

  1. Sort clothes according to colours: 

It’s easier to throw all your dirty clothes in one pile, but this can have adverse effects on your uniforms especially on the colour. Before starting laundry, sort through the clothes and group them according to colours; this helps avoid colour running from some clothes to others. It helps clothes maintain their colours. While you might not be available to wash every colour of clothes separately, you have to make sure the colours are a close fit and a run of the colour from one wouldn’t affect the other. White colours must always be washed separately. 

  1. Wash inside out: 

A minute but a necessary step; before washing, turn your uniform inside out to avoid pilling and other fabric defects. 

  1. Storage:

Cloth storage often receives the least attention, which shouldn’t be the case as they affect the condition of the uniform. Bad storage choices can have lasting adverse effects on your uniform. When putting your clothes away, avoid humid spaces as they can cause moles and bad smell on your uniform. It is equally important to ensure that your uniforms are well dried before putting them away, as damp clothes do badly in enclosed spaces. Once in a while, air out the storage space, empty and wipe the closet/drawer, then rearrange the clothes. This would help clean out any growing moles, infestation or dirt. 

  1. Iron and starch: 

Ironing and using starch after laundry uplifts the look of your uniforms. It doesn’t just remove creases but also kill germs and straighten the fibers of the clothes, thereby improving the physical quality.

  1. Consistency: 

Every step above is effective but would be more effective if they are consistently applied. Increasing the longevity of your uniforms in their best condition requires careful adherence to the steps shared above.

In conclusion, uniforms create a homogenous look across various individuals, it is still important to stand out and look your best in yours. Just like with other clothes, your appearance makes an impression on people, so it is important to create a striking one for the right reasons by ensuring your uniform and overall look is pleasing. 

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