Surely you’ve been to a dry cleaner’s once or twice, or maybe just pass one by on your way home, but not many people answer in the affirmative when we ask if they’ve ever been to a self-service laundry. So, if you’re wondering, here is all you need to know about self-service laundry.

The Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

In Nigeria, the laundry and dry cleaning service is one fast growing industry people are catching on to. Before now, popular launderers were people who go from house to house, selected days in a week to wash clothes and get paid. Today, when we hear ‘dry cleaner’, we automatically think of a particular space with washing machines, tables, and irons. How about we make clear the differences?

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Laundry refers to washed or about to be washed clothes, so you know those dirty clothes in your hamper are ‘laundry’.

Dry cleaning, on the other hand, involves the use of special cleaning agents apart from soap and water, the most popular of which is tetrachloroethylene. Garments are soaked in this solvent and then dried in a vent that removes the solvent from the garments. A dry cleaner would clean clothes with delicate care, tumble-dry, press, and fold them neatly for delivery or pick-up. Some dry cleaners operate express dry cleaning where you can have your clothes dry cleaned just under two hours.

Now that we have that cleared, What is Self-service Laundry?

Self service laundry
Self service laundry

Noticeably, self-service laundry hasn’t quite caught on in this part of the world yet. Laundromats, as they are called, are laundry establishments where customers can use the coin-operated washing machines and other equipment themselves. This means you get to launder and tumble-dry your clothes yourself.

Although a few have been established in high-end parts of the country, especially in Lagos state, we can’t expressly say self service laundry is for everybody. Why?

1. It’s an expensive business to start up, making services expensive. Coupled with maintenance costs, business owners would bill exceptional charges for damages.

2. Not every customer would operate laundry equipment effectively. Mishaps are bound to happen during usage.

Regardless, we find the concept appealing because,

1. Business owners get to cut out the cost of employees as everyone services themselves.

2. Customers can finally launder clothes to their taste without having to own laundry machines. A lifesaver, this one.

But of course, not everyone has the time to spend doing laundry! Let’s take the burden off you. Send us an email today at or give us a call on +2348022235821.