Using bleach to clean clothes is often a last resort to removing tough stains. Unarguably, it has been one of the most useful household items to keep in handy and is also used as a disinfectant for open surfaces susceptible to germs especially walls and floors.

Contrary to belief, a strong scent of this chemical doesn’t mean the room is sparkling clean. It is an excellent germ killer, but not an actual cleaning agent. A mixture of this chemical and water in a ratio of 1:100 is usually used to wipe already cleaned surfaces to get rid of germs. The toilet is a good place to start!

What is Bleach Made From?

Naturally, this super chemical is made from a combination of several chemicals, most active of which is sodium hypochlorite (now you know where the famous hypo bleach got its name!) Other kinds include Chlorine and Oxygen bleach. And yes, it also comes in powder form.

Now that you know what bleach is used for, do you know how to use this super chemical to clean clothes? More so, when we say it isn’t a cleaning agent.

Read on for dos and don’ts of using bleach to clean clothes.


1. Check your clothing tags for instructions. Some clothes are not suitable for bleaching for a number of reasons, one being the kind of dye used to color them. This chemical is a proactive reaction of chemicals that can wash inferior dyes off your clothing.

There are also several kinds of bleach to choose from, as some are stronger than others. Chlorine bleach is the go-to for removing tough stains from clothes. Be sure to know what you can and cannot do to your clothes.

2. Please read the instructions on the bleach container. These instructions will help you know in what quantity to use it, in what ratio, and for how long.

3. Keep other clothes far away from the ones you want to bleach.

4. Only use each as a last resort to removing tough stains from your clothes. If there are tough stains on your clothes that just won’t go away, try soaking them first with a powerful detergent.


1. Do not use every day this chemical on colored clothes except you want to lighten their colors. There are however color-safe bleaches that will not discolor your clothing.

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2. Do not apply undiluted bleach directly to clothes. No matter how much, you think you need, you always have to dilute it with water. Undiluted bleach discolors your clothes and is almost impossible to come off.

3. Do not apply this chemical on your clothes too frequently. The harsh contents, breaks down clothing fibers, damaging your clothes over time.

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