It’s summer holiday for schools and if you’re a parent, you already know that most likely, every session comes with a new bill of school uniforms. Kids really do know how to wear the years out of school uniforms! How do you keep school uniforms looking pristine and save money on replacing them? We came up with the best care tips for school uniforms to last longer. 

Care Tip #1

Our first care tip for school uniforms is to buy two pairs at a go. It can be expensive, but it saves you the cost of buying a new pair every school term. This way, you’re able to rotate them and effectively maintain both pairs to last a whole school year.

Care Tip #2

Wash stains immediately. Stains lock into fabric fibers the longer they stay on it, so it is important to check uniforms for stains as soon as your children get home from school. If you spot a stain, soak in cold water for a while before washing with a detergent for delicate fabrics.

Care Tip #3

Uniforms are mostly made from delicate fabrics, especially if they’re patterned or checkered. Good news is, you can get rid of dirt from accumulated dust by wiping them out with a damp microfiber napkin. If that still doesn’t cut it, gently scrub in cold water and hang out to dry. 

Most school uniforms come with matching coats, jackets, or caps. Wash these once a month to keep them from softening or fading too quickly from fibre-dissolving fabric softeners. 

Care Tip #4

For washing machine laundering, load white and coloured school uniforms separately, and wash in delicate cycles. If you want to tumble dry, tumble on low heat for a few minutes then hang out to dry.

Care Tip #5

Last but not least, be careful where you store school uniforms! Have a separate shelf or hanging space for storing school uniforms. However, we highly recommend plastic containers because they allow clothes to breathe and resist the growth of mould from damp air. Ensure they’re well laundered and dry before folding. Also, stay away from plastic bags. They trap air in fabrics that result in yellow patches and stains.