We all know laundry isn’t a favorite chore, but it can be pleasant enough if you know all the right ways to do laundry. Here are 10 laundry tips to help make washing your clothes easier and more effective:

1. Do laundry at least twice a week. This way, you do not grow an intimidating pile of dirty clothes.

2. Soak whites immediately you pull them off in water and detergent to avoid tough stains that are difficult to get rid of.

3. Don’t be afraid to use bleach for tough stains on your whites. What better way to get rid of them? To know about how you care for your stained clothes Read Here.

4. Wash whites and colored clothes separately to avoid colors bleeding into each other.

5. Load the washing machine in sets. When you overload your washing machine, all of your clothes don’t get clean enough as they become too heavy to spin. Read more here

6. When you tumble dry your clothes after washing, spread them out to dry completely, don’t just stuff them in your storing space.

7. Ensure to hang washed clothes out to dry in shaded areas. Spreading them out directly under the sun slowly reduces sheen, especially in clothes with less than superior dye. To read more on the benefits of sun drying.

8. Use bluing agents for fading white clothes. See how here and thank us later.

9. Bar soaps are best for washing dyed clothes like Ankara prints and Batik (Adire) as they are softer and less aggressive on the colors of dyed fabrics.

10. Lastly, you don’t really have to wash those dirty clothes if you don’t want to, allow us to take the load off you! We know all the right ways to do laundry.

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