Isn’t it amazing to know that most simple and natural ingredients in your kitchen pantry will make good and effective cleaning agents? From Baking Soda to Lemon juice and now Vinegar, these are not only helping hands in the kitchen but also helping hands for laundry.

Vinegar has a lot of uses both as food and as a cleaning agent, you can add distilled white vinegar to your wash load and your whites become whiter, and coloured clothes become more colourful and brighter. Vinegar, including distilled white vinegar and apple cider vinegar, has acetic acid which helps to whiten and brighten clothes. You probably didn’t know this until now and there are lots more you didn’t know, care to find out?

How to use vinegar in your laundry

To whiten and brighten clothes:

The best way to experience the wonder of vinegar is by washing your whites with it. Add ½ cup of vinegar to the water and wash and when rinsing, also add ½ cup of vinegar to the water and rinse your whites. Your whites will look like you just bought them, as white as new! Colourful clothes too are not left out, vinegar makes colours come alive and brighter.

To eliminate mildew odour:

When you leave a wet or damp towel on the floor for a whole day or two, you come back to it and it’s smelling like mildew or mould and you just don’t want to use that towel anymore! Nobody likes that smell and vinegar can help you get rid of it. Simply add ½ cup of vinegar into water and wash the first time, wash it again with only laundry detergent and rinse. Read more here

To soften clothes:

If you want softer clothes but don’t like the idea of using commercial fabric softeners, vinegar is your best bet! Vinegar acts as a natural clothes softener and it will not leave residue on your clothes. Just add ½ cup of vinegar to your final rinse and hang clothes to dry. Vinegar has no fragrance, so if you like fragrance in your clothes, add some essential oil like lavender.

To eliminate underarm odour:

One of the ways to use vinegar in your laundry is to remove perspiration stain and odour from under the arm of shirts and tops. Get a spray bottle and pour some white vinegar in it. Spray the vinegar on the inside of the underarm and leave it to stay for 10 mins, then wash as you’d normally do. The perspiration odour and stain are all gone!

To clean the washing machine:

After the washing machine has washed your clothes, you need to keep it clean and ready for the next use and vinegar will help you do just that. Pour two cups of vinegar and hot water in the empty machine, set the timer for a complete wash and wash your machine to get rid of soap residue and mineral deposits. Read more on maintaining washing machine

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