Clothes in a boutique
Clothes in a boutique

It’s Harmattan (Dry season in Nigeria between November and March) and choosing ideal clothes for the weather has become cumbersome. With telltale signs of fog and stifling air as dry as a sheet, not to forget dust in sandy areas and constant dehydration, this is the best time to keep your vitamins and water bottles close.
We know it’s difficult to choose the ideal clothes to wear when the weather says 91°F on a partly cloudy day but the heat indoors is unbearable, particularly in the North, where the climate only drops to 32°F at night in this weather condition. We’re accustomed to cold in the early hours of the day and heat when the sun comes up.
You would like to put on clothes that allow you some body heat circulation in the morning and also access to some air to combat the heat at noon, but not too much of it that your skin and nostrils crack up. That’s why we’ve come up with this helpful post of ideal clothes for the weather, or if we should say, ideal clothes for the three shades of Harmattan!

When it’s Hot and Dry

Linen and light cotton fabrics are ideal clothes for hot and dry weather.
Linen and light cotton fabrics are ideal clothes for hot and dry weather.

Wear Linen and light cotton fabrics. Linen is made from raw flax fibers that are heat resistant and also lightweight enough that you don’t feel heavy wearing them when you do perspire. Cotton also gives space for airiness, leaving you cool in the dry heat. Remember to moisturize, so you don’t have to worry about the dry air cracking up your skin.

Make sure to wear light cotton fabrics, as cotton can hold almost 27 times it’s weight when damp! We don’t aspire to perspire.

Favor light colors as they insulate heat better, but keep away from whites, they attract dust and dirt. Sleeveless or short sleeve tops, shorts, and skirts would also be preferable to long sleeves and pants. Go for looser cuts and styles in dresses to allow air circulation in your upper body. Choose loose cotton/linen pants instead, if you must wear them.

Do not wear suits, long sleeves, and clothes made from polyester or nylon fabrics. They are unbreathable and moisture repelling, so you’ll find yourself quite sticky in them at noon. If you want to look formal for work, couple a cotton or linen tee with a free sized blazer, chinos/light jeans and some dress shoes instead. However, if your office is enthusiastic about air conditioning, then you can get away with a long sleeved cotton shirt. Also, save time by layering a tee underneath in case you want to hit the pub later in the evening.

A denim jacket can be used  over a light cotton dress for a formal look
A denim jacket can be used over a light cotton dress for a formal look
Wear a jacket to help insulate your body when it's cold and damp
Wear a jacket to help insulate your body when it’s cold and damp

When it’s cool and damp

Clothes made from cotton and light wool fabrics would be the most ideal clothes for this weather. Cotton is soft and lightweight enough to keep you cool but also a great conductor of heat, so you don’t have to worry about getting cold outdoors. Be sure to wear short or long sleeves too, depending on your body type, as they help circulate body heat better. You can also pair your sleeveless and short sleeved dresses with a jean or flannel jacket you can easily pull off when the heat sets in.

polycotton clothes are ideal clothes for harmattan(dry) weather
polycotton clothes are ideal clothes for harmattan(dry) weather

Another great fabric for ideal clothes in this weather is polycotton. It’s a combination of polyester, a synthetic fabric made from polymers (many interwoven chains of latex, starches, and proteins) and cotton. This combination puts together the strength and durability of polyester with the softness of cotton to create an awesome fabric of both qualities. Here’s a plus, polycotton has a lesser probability of irritating the skin as synthetic fibers do.

When it’s Cold and Wet

Woolly clothes are ideal for wet and cold weather
Woolly clothes are ideal for wet and cold weather.

For the august rainy days, you could never go wrong with Jean, cashmere, or thick wool fabrics. Although most would prefer fleece to wool as it is lighter weight and softer, these are great conductors of heat that keep you insulated from the cold and wet air. You might want to pair up your fleece and wool sweats with layers of cotton underneath, so you can pull them off if body heat gets uncomfortable, we know how unpredictable this weather can be.

A little something more to your weather caboodle, don’t forget some socks and head gear! Socks help keep your feet dust-free when it’s hot and dry, and leave you feeling warm when it’s cold and wet, especially indoors. Face caps and short brim hats will also prevent facial heat and dust when you’re out in the sun, without losing your cool.

What do you think about our list of ideal clothes for the weather? Drop in a comment and don’t forget to share!


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