How about we take a poll? How many organizations would impose a staff uniform on its employees in today’s market?

The accuracy of this question is determined by the particular industry in which the organization positions itself, as for example, creative people tend to exercise their artistic nature in their choice of clothing. And of course, we know that the main reason why organizations insist on staff uniforms is for a unified image. Employees have different definitions for “corporate” you see. How then do you make staff uniforms fun enough to wear for employees? Simple. By choosing one they won’t say no to.

For male employees, polos and shirts, with jean or dress pants are the ultimate go to if uniforms are viable, but what would be most appropriate for the more versatile female who can work with endless styles, fabrics, and colours? Simple does the trick, let’s show you how to do it. Check out staff uniform ideas below:

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1. Dress with shirt

A staff uniform in form of a dress and shirt pair just like this one would be most appropriate for legal and accounting firms. It is formal enough to serve as a uniform, and the creativity makes the two piece attractive. Your female staff surely won’t mind.

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2. Jumpsuit

Who said jumpsuits are only good for occasions? A pinstriped one like this is conservatively formal, and trust us when we say, every lady wants one in her wardrobe and would absolutely love her work uniform just because.

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3. Shift Dress

Either with flare details at the knees or waist, you can never go wrong with this simple staff uniform idea for female employees. It’s relatively simple to pull on, and not style constricting as they can pair it with accessories of choice. Besides, who needs a change of wardrobe for an emergency social call when they’re already in this?

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4. Dress and jacket pair

Let’s face it, air conditioning in the office space are always over the top. Why not choose a uniform that allows your employees keep warm? This way, they have the option of staying cool without the jacket, or warm in it. And not to forget the last detail, they can do away with the jacket after hours for an evening

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5. Pencil Skirt and Shirt

This is the classic office staff uniform ideas, a skirt and a shirt. Add some pizzazz with a little waistcoat for some extra to the ordinary.

We’re sure we’ve got you hooked on one of these beautiful staff uniform ideas! Shoot us a mail at and watch us bring them to life for you with our bespoke uniforms service.

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