It’s a known fact that a lot of individuals dislike doing their laundry, they would rather spend time hanging out with friends, playing games or watching movies, while a large pile of clothes sits somewhere in their homes. You probably don’t enjoy doing your laundry either. 

With these simple tips we have outlined below, laundry day is sure to always be a breeze.

  1. Do it once a week 

Have you thought of doing your laundry once a week? This is a great idea because it’s easier than leaving your laundry till all your clothes are in your dirty clothes hamper and not having anything to wear. Laundry can be very time consuming, so it’s best to limit it to once a week and you’ll have six glorious laundry free days.

  1. Use laundry hacks to simplify the process

Did you know you can use tea tree oil to deal with smelly laundry or clothes that have developed mould? Add 10 drops of tea tree oil to your laundry water on your next wash to remove any mouldy smells. This is effective because tea tree oil is antibacterial and will kill off any mould. This will particularly help when you can’t get rid of a particular smell on your laundry. 

  1. Try this quick-drying trick

Here is a trick that will save you time and energy when it comes to drying your clothes if you have a washing machine. Before you start your drier, put the wet clothes in a dry towel and throw it in the machine for a ten-to-fifteen-minute cycle. The towel will absorb most of the moisture and it would not take so much time to dry anymore. Honestly, it may sound a little bit stressful but certainly time-saving. However, if you don’t feel up to this, PJK is just one call away. We are here to serve and take care of all your needs, while you worry about your other important priority.

  1. Listen to music

Who says laundry time has to be boring? Listening to music seemingly makes time go faster. So, create a special laundry playlist, something to turn up the mood. You’ll be so engrossed in listening to your favourite songs that you wouldn’t even realize that you’ve sorted, and washed all your clothes.   

  1. Let a professional laundry company handle it

Of the five tips this article offers, this has to be the easiest method; getting a professional to handle it. You can employ the services of a  laundry company like PJK, we specialize in taking care of all your clothing and linen needs. We will get your laundry done quickly at an affordable rate. You are also guaranteed better laundry results as PJK has the needed equipment and cleaning agents to give your clothes and linens the best treatment. With PJK, your laundry is also picked and delivered right to your doorstep.