Threaded needle
Threaded needle to learn to sew

Everybody should learn to sew. Yes, you read me right, you should learn to sew. If you are thinking of a lucrative and productive way to spend your free time and earn money too, then you should learn to sew. Sewing is a meaningful way to spend your time and it’s a fun hobby also.

Sewing takes different forms. It could range from beautifying your home by making home decors, knitting, quilting, soft furnishings to recycling old clothes and lots more. It is arguably one of the most profitable venture, but that’s a topic for another day.

Here are 5 reasons why you should learn to sew:

Sewing helps you save and earn money

Sewing helps you save money so you should learn to sew
Sewing helps you save money so you should learn to sew
  • This is the most important reason you should learn to sew. Imagine having to pay someone just to mend a little tear on your shirt or to fix a button. If you knew how to sew, you could save some money by doing those little repairs and amendments yourself. You can also earn money by selling some of the things you sew.

Sewing is healthy

  • Scientists have discovered that sewing helps calm your nerves and maintain the proper functioning of your body parts. You can check that out here. Doctors recommend regular walks to allow the flow of blood, especially in the leg region, paddling a foot sewing machine can help ease the flow of blood around your leg. Sewing can help patients with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to heal. When you get back home, all tired and stressed, try knitting. Knitting helps you relax and takes your mind off the stress.

Sewing unleashes the creative genius in you

  • So, the initial style didn’t go as planned, who cares? You can become creative and turn it into something even more beautiful and classy. Create new designs, new styles, explore colors. How about turning that old T-shirt into a skirt? Or turning those jeans into a backpack or even a phone case? There is so much you can create; your creativity will know no bounds. Do something creative and have fun while at it.

Sewing is liberating

  • Sewing affords you the liberty to conceptualize your designs. Savor the freedom of customizing your own garments even up to your beddings, sitting room furnishing, and aprons. The liberation you get from sewing helps you create your own personal memories that you will cherish, talk about and most likely, pass down to future generations.

Sewing improves your Hand-Eye co-ordination

  • Threading a needle requires a level of focus. Sewing requires an amount of hand-eye coordination. Practicing hand-eye co-ordination actually helps to keep our brains as nimble as our fingers! See, it’s a win-win situation 😉

Sewing may seem herculean at first, but once you start, it’ll become difficult to stop. If you have no prior experience, you can check out our post on sewing essentials and fabrics you should know.

I must warn you though, it can get a little frustrating at first but with constant practice, you will get better. It gives you a sense of confidence and accomplishment when you wear your own creation. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for sewing essentials!