Are you one of those people that never have enough space in their luggage or closet for their clothes? In this post, we will share folding tricks for different clothes that will help you manage space in your luggage for when you’re travelling or just rearranging your closet.



–       Lay your t-shirt flat on a surface. If it has a logo, print or design, place that side on the surface, so that the t-shirt is easy to identify after folding. 

–       Take one side of the t-shirt (like a quarter of its width) and fold it onto the centre of the t-shirt. 

–       Fold the sleeve backwards, away from the centre.

–       Repeat the above steps on the other side of the t-shirt.

–       The t-shirt is now rectangular, go ahead and fold it in half by taking the collar area to the bottom area. Then, fold it in half again while ensuring that the collar area is on top.

–       Place the now-folded t-shirt in the intended storage (drawer, locker, wardrobe or luggage).


–       Button the shirt from top to bottom.

–       Place the shirt on a flat surface- button side down.

–       Fold one side of the shirt towards the centre.

–       Fold the sleeves backwards. If it’s a long sleeve; fold the sleeve back so it’s aligned with the side of the clothes.

–       Repeat the above steps on the other side of the shirt.

–       Fold the shirt in half- bottom towards the top. Then fold it in half again to make a smaller rectangle. Ensure the collar area stays on top when folding. 

–       Keep the folded dress shirt in the desired storage space.


–       Lay the pants on a flat surface. 

–       Fold it in the half-right leg over the left.

–       Smooth out with your palms to even out the two legs.

–       Fold the ‘v’ of the crotch area over the centre, check that it aligns and the pants now form a somewhat straight line. 

–       Holding the folded crotch area down with one hand, use the other to fold it in half the bottom over the top.

–   Visually divide the pants into three parts.

–       Fold one-third of it in, then repeat the same process for the other part.

–      Flatten with your hands then, place it in your storage. 


–       Lay flat on a surface, the front side down.

–       If it has a hood, fold that downwards. 

–       Fold the right side towards the centre, then fold the sleeve backwards, so it is in line with the side of the cloth.

–       Repeat on the other side.

–       From the top, fold down one-third of it then repeat for the bottom.

–       Flatten and place where desired.



–       Place a sock over the other to form a cross shape (+). That is, one placed vertically and the other placed horizontally.

–       Fold the left side of the horizontal sock over the middle of the vertical sock, then repeat for the right side.

–       The pair is now rectangular, fold the open end of the vertical sock over the bunched up horizontal sock. 

–       Take the extra end of the sock and tuck it into the open end (now over the bunched up area)


–       Lay the pair flat- one on top of the other.

–       Visually divide the socks into three parts 

–       Fold one-third of the socks in, then repeat for the other end

–       Flatten with your hands and place where desired.

Try out these tricks and if they work for you, share them with your friends and come back to give us feedback.