Wash and wear, the usual cycle of clothing. No wonder clothes often begin fading after a couple run-ins with a washing machine, because, many of us don’t pay attention to what our clothes like and dislike. We know how stressful it can be to team special fabric care with burdensome laundry, this is why we’ve come up with these 5 helpful tips on how to prevent your clothes from fading.

1. Never wash whites and coloured fabrics together.

This is a basic no-no that you should know. Artificially coloured fabrics in particular, go ballistic in warm water, due to a host of reasons ranging from inferior dye to I-just-want-to-ruin-your-favourite-tee. Wash your whites separately, preferably first, and then your coloured clothes. Do this to avoid stories like, “This dress used to be white.” Wash clothes made from synthetic fibres and nylon in cold water to prevent them from fading. After washing, spread them flat out to dry instead of wriggling or tumble-drying, so they don’t wrinkle up and shrink.

2. Sunlight zone, keep-off.

If you sun-dry, please keep your clothes off direct contact with sunlight, as the harsh rays strip fabrics of colour dyes and pigments. Spread them out in a covered shed, patio, or underneath tree shades instead, where they can get adequate access to breeze without being directly under the sun.

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3. When hand-washing traditionally dyed fabrics like Adire (Batik) and Ankara, wash them with bar soaps, or detergent for delicates if you’re using a washing machine.

When rinsing out, add in a generous measure of salt to keep colour dyes and pigments locked in.

A dash of Blue (dye) when rinsing will also help maintain the brightness of your clothes.

Spin dry on low heat, or spread out in a sun-proof area till they become dry.

4. Avoid washing dyed fabrics often.

The less they make contact with water, the longer they last. Spread them out in well-ventilated spaces after being worn to make them breathe out trapped body heat. Jeans do even better when you just wipe them out with a wet cloth.

5.  When your Jean clothes start running in colour while washing, don’t panic. Turn them inside out and soak in a measure of vinegar and water for about half an hour. Rinse out and set to wash with mild soap bars or detergent for delicates. Finally, rinse out in another vinegar-water solution. Spread out away from sunlight. If the result isn’t satisfactory, soak in blue dye and water solution for a while, then spread out to dry.

P.S. How about reading the instructions that come written on your clothing tags? They’re to help you take best care of your clothes!

Now that you know how, go renew those fading favourites!

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