Sewing machines are beautiful things, but a trained eye knows potential danger zones and safety tips when using sewing machine.

Safety tips are important knowledge when operating any machine, and you would agree that a sewing machine is one of the most useful appliances anyone can own. Don’t agree? Think about all the times you wanted to loosen a sleeve or reduce the length of a trouser, all of these things a sewing machine can do, and more. In fact, most moms would shun professional sewers if they own a sewing machine, ask your mom.

So, for sewholics like us at Pjkng, never forget these safety tips when using a sewing machine:

1. Read the sewing machine manual

You know, manuals do come with machines for a reason, and we cannot emphasise this enough. Sewing machine manuals contain ample instructions on how to assemble, use, and maintain your sewing machine, making your job all the more easier.

Try not to “guess” where a part should be, or what to do when another part gets stuck, just consult the sewing machine manual.

2. Use the right needle size

Consulting the sewing machine manual also helps you to know the appropriate needle size for your sewing machine. Using the right needle size in turn, prevents dangers that can result from breaking needles while on a run. Imagine a broken needlepoint flying towards your eyes!

3. Always check the cord

If you’re using an electronic sewing machine, it’s simple to get the cord all tangled up, especially if you move it around a lot.

Before and after every use, check the cord for tangles, twists, or frays. This is to ensure that the wires in the cord don’t break from within, and to prevent shock hazards from exposed wires caused by frayed edges.

4. Watch Your fingers

Regardless of the type of sewing machine you use, watching your hands as they follow fabrics under the needle is the first sewing machine safety tip that comes to mind, but even more so with electronic sewing machines.

If you are familiar with an electronic sewing machine, you know that it’s faster and more efficient than the manual sewing machine with a leg and treadle. The needle moves at a very fast pace, and can also be hazardous.

When using an electronic sewing machine, always keep your fingers at least three inches from the needlepoint, no matter how tempted you are to trail the zip seam.

5. Oil the band wheel and needle clamp regularly

Oiling the band wheel and needle clamp on your sewing machine helps to ensure the smooth running of the machine, and saves you the stress of forcing the clamp tight or loose with your fingers whenever it becomes stuck, or forcing the treadle to run with your legs whenever it becomes stiff. Don’t forget to check with your sewing machine manual for other parts of the machine that require regular oiling.

Now you can sew away with these helpful safety tips when using a sewing machine!

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