why you need an industrial laundry service

Do you run an organization or business that makes use of lots of linen, garments, and clothes?  

Or do you like your employees looking exquisitely clean and presentable in their uniforms?  

If the answer to both questions is yes, then I can assure you that you are in need of an industrial laundry service.  

If you run a hotel business or a restaurant/fast-food service where there is a constant use of clothes, towels, napkins, and the like, you need a laundry service to guarantee the best care of these items.  

An industrial laundry service may sound complicated, but it simply involves providing extended and superior laundry services to preserve the quality of the fabrics and materials you use in running your business.  

Listed below are some reasons why you should consider our industrial laundry service:   

  • Timely: 
A professional industrial laundry service is always timely

Time is an irredeemable asset, and it is something you gain when you make use of our industrial laundry service. The use of professional equipment allows for a more skilled approach to laundry and increased garment care which is done in less time.  By employing us for your industrial laundry service, you can make use of the time that you would have spent on laundry to perform other important tasks, your employees can also focus on getting more work done with the time that would have been allocated to performing laundry and this boosts the all-round productivity of both you and your staff.  

We are professionals in the laundry business and are aware of the time range to get the work done, and we work to meet up with your schedule and we help you be more efficient as you can plan around that time.  

  • Better care of clothes: 

One guarantee our industrial laundry service provides is superior care of your clothes. The nature of industrial clothing services requires us to have supplies and equipment such as an industrial washing machine, industrial detergent, and lots of other paraphernalia needed for different cloth types, as different clothes require different care and oftentimes only professionals know how to render that care.  

From delicate linen to heavy linen and coloured linen, each has its needed care approach. Unlike a nonprofessional who would do all at once in a bid to quickly get the laundry done, we have customer satisfaction on the line and there is a need to get an excellent job done. With professionals like us, you are getting quality work done on your laundry jobs.  

  • Best for heavy clothes and linen: 

Oftentimes, we struggle with handling heavy linens like curtains, bedsheets, duvets, and so on with reasons like lack of proper equipment, or size of the equipment, or lack of adequate supplies to care for them, and so on.  

An industrial laundry service like PJK would have these necessary care materials which you may never have heard of. From the right cleaning supplies like liquid soap and detergent to the right quality of equipment and even having a staff strength of seasoned professionals with adequate knowledge and expertise of how to properly handle diverse types of clothes, you can be rest assured that your fabrics would get the right care to help preserve their quality and ensure their lifespan.  

PJK staff are skilled experts in industrial laundry


PJK has been in the industrial laundry business for over 15 years. Our services cover every aspect of laundry and you are assured that our staff are individuals who are committed to paying attention to every aspect of your laundry needs. You can also make special laundry requests concerning how you want the clothes to be ironed and attended to.  

Aside from laundry services, we also provide monogramming and uniform-making services. From delicately inscribing requested details onto clothes, to making exquisite and quality uniforms, PJK has the range.  

Most importantly, with PJK you are sure to get the best deal for your money. So, trust us today to deliver comfort to you at an affordable price, and contact us today to make your whites whiter and your garments shinier