Have you ever wondered about the need for uniforms in organizations?  

Is it necessary?  

Is it beneficial?  

Is it worth the cost?  

Yes, to all the above.  

Uniforms are crucial for identification in various organizations.  

Whether it is a school or a business establishment, a uniform helps to easily distinguish members of an institution and gives them an air of prestige over their uniformed colleagues.  

When businesses or professionals in an industry are known for a particular type of work wear, customers are at less risk to deal with unauthorized personnel or fall into wrong hands.  

In a school, the easy identification of students allows them to receive help or assistance simply by being identified as a student at that school.  

Asides from easy identification, there are several other benefits of custom-made uniforms.  

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Uniforms help improve the safety and security of the wearers in diverse ways. Uniforms are made with the wearers in mind especially with what they do with them. So, they are more appropriate for their actions. If a lot of physical work is involved the uniforms would be made to suit that. In schools, we even see a different uniform for sporting and extra-curricular activities to aid performance. Organizations are sure to make the uniforms fitting for the role of the wearers and with their safety in mind. 

In the case of danger, a uniform would help the wearers get identified faster bringing help their way.  

ATTRACTIVE BUSINESS IMAGE: Uniforms improve the image of an organization. With uniforms, the wearers look cohesive, giving the organization a professional outlook. Stepping into an establishment, meeting workers or students wearing similar things gives a clean vibe and heads up on who to approach or speak to. 

PROMOTES THE ORGANIZATION: Uniforms are a mode of free advertisement. They often show the necessary details of the organization thereby making it known to those the wearers encounter while in their uniform. With uniforms, new people are made to know that your organization exists. The uniform if worn properly can impress strangers and sway them to check out your organization. 

IMPROVES FOCUS: Constant choices on clothes to wear can be very distracting especially with young people. Waking up, having to think about what to wear takes at least minutes from your time. With uniforms, the need for that regular decision making is put away. Clothes are often indicators of social status and uniforms help eliminate obvious social class. This way the wearers can commit better to work or school rather than pointing out who is who. This goes further to reduce actions that result from distinct social classes such as bullying, discrimination and so on. Uniforms are more economic and less distracting.  


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