‘’sshh sshh sshh’’! goes the sound of the spray nozzles of the perfume bottle as you spray. Oh, how sweet the fragrance is! And then you spray some more, only for you to look and see that circular stain on your cloth. That annoying moment when your expensive perfume leaves stains your cloth!

It is always annoying when you spend a fortune on a bottle of perfume, only for it to stain your cloth once you wear it, now you don’t know which one to discard: the perfume, or the cloth. I’m sure you’d give your all just to know how to apply perfume on your clothes so it doesn’t condemn your clothes, right? Well, stay glued to this post and know more.

How to apply perfume on your clothes

Your scent can actually last longer without having to empty the bottle, and not stain your cloth when you know these few tips and tricks below

1. Spray on your pulse points:

Your pulse points are behind the ears, your inner elbows, your inner wrist, in your cleavage, and your lower neck or base of your throat. These are places in the body where the blood carrying vessels come close to the skin. Spraying on the pulse points will help the fragrance last longer and keep your cloth stain-free.

2. Spray on your body:

spraying directly on your body or skin before you wear your clothing will ensure that it doesn’t get perfume stains on it. Dunno what myth you heard about spraying directly on your body, but trust me, you will do yourself and your cloth more good than harm if you spray on your body.

3. spray on your hairbrush:

Yeah, sounds weird, right? In the bid of avoiding perfumes from staining your clothe and lasting longer while at it, spray it on your hairbrush. An alcohol-based perfume will dry up your hair, so, do not apply perfume on your clothes or hair, spray it first on your hairbrush and then use it to brush your hair. That way, the perfume will last longer and leave your clothe and hair undamaged.

4. Don’t spritz, just spray:

You know how you spritz perfume up in the air and just walk into it, yeah? Well, don’t do it again. Apart from wasting the perfume, when you spritz and walk right into it, a lot of it just settle on your clothes thereby staining your clothing. Except if you are going to walk into it naked, don’t spritz, just spray.

5. Use wet wipes:

After all that has been said and done if your clothing still manages to get stained, use wet wipes to rub it off immediately. Do not let the stain stay as this will make it settle and then become difficult to remove. Read up on our article on 3 fail-proof ways to remove stains on clothes

Knowing the type and quality of your perfume will help a lot. An oil-based perfume will last longer than an Eau de perfume and eau de toilette, so also will the stain last when you apply perfume on your clothes. Where you store your perfume too is also important, so, ensure it is stored in a cool, dry place.

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