Owning a chiffon fabric can be very frustrating due to its light texture. The slightest heat can get it burnt, the slightest of touch can get it torn, Its gets frustrating when you lose your favorite/expensive chiffon fabric due to lack of proper care.

Chiffon comes from the French word chiffe, which means cloth or rag. The first chiffons were made exclusively from silk. Since chiffon was primarily a silk fabric, it was very expensive and its use in fashion and design signified high status.1958 nylon chiffon was invented, with the creation of these synthetic chiffons; the fabric became more accessible and therefore more popular for common use.

Chiffon drapes well and holds dye well however it is difficult to work with as it frays over time and it loses shape overtime.

Caring for chiffon depends on the type of fiber that comprises the fabric. Here is a general guide for how to wash your chiffon item, whether it’s made from synthetic or natural fiber.

  • Silk chiffon needs to be dry cleaned.
  • Polyester chiffon and nylon chiffon can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine on gentle.
  • Use a mild, gentle detergent.
  • Wash with cold water and soak for 30 minutes. Do not leave in the water for any longer because the dye will start to fade.
  • Do not wring. Chiffon can easily lose shape.
  • Lay flat. Don’t use clips as they can create marks on the fabric on the line.
  • Don’t put in the sun. The fabric can fade so avoid direct sunlight.

We hope you can take care of your chiffon fabrics better now. Read more of our articles to get more tips on fabric care.